Peace After The Death Of A Loved One
It's so hard to say goodbye to a loved one. Even though the person may be saved, and we know the separation it is only temporary because we all must go too, it is still very painful to endure the death of someone to whom we are attached. Here is a poem that expresses compassionate acceptance and faith, even as great heart sorrow is endured. The author is unknown.


I could not break the silence of such a sacred flight.
You're going to God our father, who makes everything all right.
I wanted to say "Stay, go another day."
Selfish mortal that I be to want to rob such joy from thee.
I hide the tears and saddened heart,
Lest you choose to suffer, and not depart.
I'll join you some day, be on your way.
God must have work for me to do.
Someday, someday I'll be with you.