After The Thunderstorm (
One of the things I was really looking forward to photographing with the #Lensbaby #Velvet85 when it arrived was cloudscapes.
next day after the lens had arrived the clouds were MEH and not very
exciting to photograph so I went in search of other things to photograph
The following day it had rained all morning
the sky was gray and not very detailed so I thought I was not going to
be able to go and play with my lens that day. But then all of a sudden
in the afternoon the sound of thunder filled the air and lightning lit
the sky then and there I knew I would be getting my cloudscape photo
after all.

So as soon as it was safe enough to go
out and the thunder and lightning had subsided I was gifted with clouds
like the one you see in the image I am sharing with you today
photographed at F8.

Needless to say, I was one happy girl.

© Jeanette Gruszczynski Photography