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For clay crafters:

Kato Polyclay 3oz Bar, Blue
Price $1.95

This is a three ounce bar of Kato Polyclay. It is rather old, but still has some give. Polyclay is a rather hard clay to begin with, but if you take a cloth dipped in warm water and place the packaged clay inside, it will become softer and easier to work with.

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We have an assortment of handmade gifts for yourself or your home. Wonderful Tools for working your polymer clay. All at low donation prices! We are in L.A.

  • Sandi Holland, Writer/Artist Draw Nigh To Hope Christian Blog The Lord blessed me to be able to order $20.75 worth of craft materials from Victor's Ministry. That cost is considered as a donation, and I did not have to pay any shipping! Can hardly wait to get my products! Victor's story is amazing, and I am going to write about him at my blog when I can make time.