Jumping Spider
With over 4,000 species known throughout the globe, tropical regions are most influenced. However, some species thrive in the frigid Himalayas. Over 300 species exist within North America. Jumping spiders tend to exhibit dull coloration, although the bodies of some males may glisten.

Jumping spiders are known for their swift reflexes and leaping abilities. These spiders are capable of leaping as high as 25 times their own size and, as such, are extremely capable predators. Jumping spiders also possess impressive eyesight.Jumping spiders are particularly abundant in grassland and prairie environments, where they prey upon bollworms, cotton leaf worms, webworms, cotton flea hoppers, stinkbugs, leafhoppers and mosquitoes. Jumping house spiders also enter indoor habitats by being accidently carried in on plants or a person. These arachnids can be found in yards, as well as inside and surrounding barns and houses.