How To Store Up Faith | Draw Nigh To Hope (
It is important to store up faith everyday.
Read some of the Word each day, according as your schedule allows. Do
this as soon as possible when you get up each morning. If you can't do
it first thing, be sure to do it later in the morning.

It's best, though, to get up a tad earlier if necessary to do it before you start anything else that day.
It doesn't matter how much you read, but I would hope that you'll read
more than "Jesus wept". Whenever you can, read more than you normally

Pray every morning, in fact, before you get out of bed.
Say something to God when you first open your eyes each day. Speak a
faith statement, or thank God for something. This is a type of prayer,
just as thinking is also.

When you get up to start your day, pray first, just as you determine to read the Bible first.
Pray before, or after you read, whatever helps you to feel most
comfortable. This is your formal prayer, where you open yourself and
your life to God's direction each day. This is when you arm yourself,
and set your mind to receive the goodness of God.

Get in the habit of praying throughout the day.

These are your informal prayers. They are no more than talking to God,
conversing with him about anything and everything. This is praying
without ceasing, as the Bible instructs us to do.

 As you practice these heart-felt procedures, you will be storing up faith. Often
you will not feel any different, though you may feel satisfied that you
are doing a very good thing. You may not necessarily feel stronger, or
feel the power of God working in you at those moments of study and
meditation. You will, however, notice how much better you handle daily

You will notice how much more satisfied you are with your responses to challenges, how much better you overcome obstacles.
This is because faith is being stored up in you. You are becoming
strong in the Lord and in the power of his might, though you may not
feel it during your daily practices.

is where your own faith comes in, and where you do the work of looking
into the perfect law of liberty, of ingesting the Word (James 1:25
This is where you get set up to deal with your
day in a way that pleases God, and that will ultimately richly bless
you. Even when you don't feel like it, even when you're tired, or
discouraged, or sad and depressed, make yourself open the Bible and read
it, everyday. Don't wait to read it when you feel thrilled. If it seems
dry, read it.

Pray, everyday.
Get on your knees whenever you can, subject and submit yourself to God,
first thing in the morning, and throughout the day, everyday, day in
and day out. Be faithful and do it! When happy, when sad, eat and drink
the Word of God, and talk to God, always, continuously, everyday, about

will be amazed at how your barely detected, dormant and stock-piled
faith will spring up and conquer like a lion, when needed.