Do We Hope Too Much For A Boaz?
I read an article that asks what if God does not send us a Boaz,
but an Abraham, Elijah, David, etc., with the types of lives that those men had? The writer said that Christian women focus too much on the
Boaz-type. One thing about Boaz though, was that he noticed, he cared,
and he acted. All God-loving men should possess this compassionate
characteristic. So Boaz made the first move with his provision. And Ruth
was willing to submit herself to her culture and perform the act(s)
that showed her submission to who she perceived to be a good man.
Whether God sends us a Boaz, Elijah, Abraham, Moses, David, or whoever,
they all should have the main characteristic that Boaz showed, that of
compassion and action.

And as Ruth was in a culture and behaved accordingly, we single
women today are in the culture of God's kingdom, which requires that we
behave in a Godly way in our response to a Godly man. To me, this is
what the Ruth/Boaz story teaches. It also provides Christian women with
something romantic to embrace. So does the story of Isaac and Rebekah.
And we DO need romantic thoughts to help keep us hoping and believing.
Boaz is an example, a type, and a good one, at that.
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