Let's Do Better Than Just Leaving Links
I'm sorry to see that GI has become like other social sites, members
dropping by to post links, and leaving without much, if any, interaction
with others here. I had stopped visiting because of this, and recently started posting again, with an intention to practice what I preach. I have
been responding to other's posts, with no reciprocal response. Let's do
better, in The Name of Jesus.

I also tested the waters by posting a request for prayer recently, and have not yet received a response: http://godinterest.com/post/6263744/pray-for-me

We all are very busy, I know, but let's take time to like
and/or comment on at least 1 post when we post our own content. That is only fair. And
let's try to post complete messages here, or at least 1/2 of our msgs
with the links. Most of us don't have time to come here to be inspired,
and then go somewhere else to read what we needed here. Then we're faced with where do we respond? There, or come back here and try to remember what we just read as we respond here?

Don't let GodInterest continue to be choked and then die with links. Let's interact and help each other.

God bless you!