Poetry ~ Lord How Sweet Is Your Word | Draw Nigh To Hope (drawnightohope.blogspot.com)
If you are not delving into the Word daily, preferably in the morning, you are missing a treat. It is the necessary nourishment for us to learn more about God, and the gospel of His Son, and to be able to successfully walk in His ways.

Draw Nigh To Hope blog is a place to receive hope, faith, encouragement for unhappiness, fear, depression, unrest, anxiety, unbelief, anger, confusion.
  • "The Journey" I Strongly Agree...When He wakes me up in the mornings, whether its very early in the mornings before daylight. His (Always) having a Word for me. His Word will always be sweet to me, and for me. I must listen to His voice, because He knows what is best for His daughter. God Bless you and thank you for sharing. Shalom!! :)