God Is The Weaver Of Our Lives
God is always helping us through the experiences in our lives. His Word says that he was helping us, even when we did not know it. I sometimes find that hard to believe, especially when images of my upbringing rear their ugly heads in my mind. Because I suffered so much emotional distress, environmental dysfunction and economic challenges, I grew up unhappy and miserable. I sometimes wonder, "God, where were you when I was growing up, and during my young adulthood?" The fact that I suffered so much, and am still battling the effects today seem to prove that he was not there.

But that belief is only evident and justifiable in my flesh. The flesh cannot understand the things of God, and it doesn't want to. It cannot be controlled by the things of God because it is not subject to the law of God. So everything remains the same in the flesh and no Godly change happens in the flesh. The flesh is the same, from birth to death.

In my reborn spirit, I believe that God was with me always, though I did not know him as a child. His word tells me the truth about how he cares for and loves me. His word tells me about how he always had a plan for my life, and that plan came to pass when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. I then acquired the tools necessary to defeat my past, with the help of God's Holy Spirit, who came to reside in me. So, now I know that I am made up of all of my life's experiences, good and bad, shaken together and sanctified and blessed daily by God. I am who I am, modified and tempered by God, a rich weaving of experiences that can help others.

That is why I say, all who love the Lord and follow Him are beautiful tapestries, though many of the experiences may not have been beautiful. Only God can weave beauty out of ugliness, and cause the loveliness of our end to surpass our beginning. Don't you agree?

  • Sandi Holland, Writer/Artist Draw Nigh To Hope Christian Blog Thank you for your comment and support, Sister Betty Jo. It helps a lot to tell the truth to others. Some things don't need to be told, and we should keep them secret. Revealing them will do no good. But many hard things that we endure need to be told. Varying degrees of detail need to be shared, depending on what it is. God guides us on what to tell. The rest he deals with us about in private. I like that you said that God was listening to every tear that fell. Many tears fell from my eyes as a child. I agree. I am blessed to be loved by Him! I am glad to be returning love to Him, in the best way that I know how. With His guidance I will do better, as I continue to grow in Him.
  • "The Journey" Yes I do Agree!! What you have shared with us...I to was one of those children who lived in an much emotional distress, environmental dysfunction and economic challenges. I grew up unhappy and miserable. I too would wonder did God understand what was happening in my life as I grew up in even doing my young adulthood. The answer I know today that He was there, It was He was protecting me, and comforting me, and listening to ever tear that fell. My life testimony today is a Bless message to share with many. God Is our Father, and everything else that we didn't have. God Bless you Sister for being real...Jesus Christ Is real. And I'm bless to be loved by Him. Agape!! :)