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Inspirational Quotes for the souls is quotes for the soul created by writer, minister, speaker Lorenzo C. Spencer in Memphis, TN. They were created to inspire others.
  • Sandi Holland, Writer/Artist Draw Nigh To Hope Christian Blog Tell your daughter (Is it Anne?) that I am thrilled that she likes my Tiny Words Motivator, and congrats on her job, and I will be praying for her success!
  • "The Journey" Sandi I want to take this moment to say Thank you for the beautiful gifts. My daughter loved it. It came right on time for her New Job Position that God Bless her to have. She said she will be putting them on her desk. It will be an Encouragement for her as she look at them and read the bless words for her. You continue using the talent that God has given you. God Bless You! Love You!! :)
  • Sandi Holland, Writer/Artist Draw Nigh To Hope Christian Blog Found out from the forums that you will be receiving an email from eCrater maybe about a week from now to ask if you want to leave feedback, and they send it one more time after that too. You just click on the link and it takes you to page where you can click stars, and write something if you want.

    You may be recovering from teeth surgery by then, but maybe it will still be in your inbox when you get well, lol. Remember, I'll answer your two emails soon.
  • Sandi Holland, Writer/Artist Draw Nigh To Hope Christian Blog Thank you, Betty Jo! The 2nd Tiny Words Motivator (the one that you did not order) and the free tags are YOURS. I sent them for you, so be sure to get your gifts. I hope you can find how to leave feedback on your purchase at eCrater. If you can't, don't worry about it. That's ok. So glad you got it safely. Yes, I will keep using my creative talents because they are who I am. I can't give them up, even for a God-filled man whom God could give me, lol! I'd love to be married again, this time the right time, both of us Spirit-filled, loving God, and loving each other in Jesus. But, I'm so old now and set in my ways; don't want to cook everyday, and can't be a housewife, lol. My crafting, writing, and arting is my life, second only to worshipping and serving God. The only way is if God brings me someone like me, a creative man whose schedule is as busy as mine, who knows how to take care of himself (because he's been doing it for years) and is not dependent upon a woman to be at his beck and call. You feel me, Sister?
    • "The Journey" Thank you so much for my gifts. They are very beautiful. No I was unable to see how to give eCrater a feedback on my purchase. I thought I had saved their message to me, but I don't see it. I sure will do so if it be God's will on my next order. And yes I do feel you, Sister!! LOL LOL. God is preparing us both and He is preparing them as well for us. God knows and whom He wants for us. Amen!! Amen!! Real!! :)