What CAN We Change That Will Bless Us? | Draw Nigh To Hope (drawnightohope.blogspot.com)
My great-grandmother was a three-time widow, who appeared to be very unhappy towards the end of her life. As I continued my genealogica...
  • Sandi Holland, Writer/Artist Draw Nigh To Hope Christian Blog Start NOW determining how your life will be from here on out. Change what you CAN change, starting today. Don't assume that God wants you to endure anything that does not fit, is not in line with your life's paths, and that does not seem to be in conjunction with what you know is right.

    Now, turn your new plans over to God, then go and do or not do what you have determined, trusting that God will intervene as needed. What you can't change, God won't allow you to. Don't come to the end of your life never changing things that you had complete control over. God loves you and he gave you a mind that can make serious decisions and plan, and instigate those plans. Don't live a life blaming God for unfavorable things that happened that YOU could have changed.