Lent, Ashes, Easter, Rabbits and Eggs - What's it all about? (hwalibrary.com)
Just WHAT is "Easter"? What does the NAME mean? Have you ever WONDERED WHY you believe and practice certain customs? You'll be surprised to find the PLAIN TRUTH about Easter! As CHILDREN, to most of us the word "Easter" always meant bright, colorful, egg-shaped jelly beans; grass nests, with cute little Walt Disney-type bunnies; and newsreels about the big parade on Fifth Avenue in New York. The name didn't bother us, especially. It seemed to rhyme with "yeast," or perhaps have something to do with a direction, like "East." But EVERYONE seemed to figure it was mighty important to pay it some special attention, and, being normal people who were inclined to get starry-eyed over brightly lit candy counters and beribboned store windows, it probably seemed like a good idea at the time.