Seek First The Kingdom Of God
But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

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  • Undule True Worshippers Sure lovely pose !
  • Melaine Seems so mindful, yet heart centered that Worship be pleasing our Lord! The Lord inhabits the Worship of his people... Loving, powerful worship of this child. Please Lord Bless and Keep him all of his days! Glory to God!
  • Undule True Worshippers That's how amazing our creator is !
  • Yvonne Jones Wow, wonderful
    • Clowie Psalm117.
      O Praise the. Lord all ye nations:praise him,alley people
      For his merciful kindness is great toward us and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever.Praise ye the Lord
      Good morning powerhouse my the Lord bless each one in your going out and coming in have a bless day. Sis T
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  • Undule True Worshippers This is really a great photo ... So touching and inspiring .. A real Prayer Warrior ..
  • Minister Karen At His Feet Ministries, Inc This touches my heart more than any picture I have seen lately. Thank you so much for sharing this!
  • Mike Ashcraft the Lighthouse Christian Academy so beautiful
  • Undule True Worshippers Amen
  • Tony Paid in full
  • Nadine lovely, the children shall lead the way
  • Ro Sweet baby
  • perez Balijuka Trust in the lord help orphans and widows our children will taught by God
  • perez Balijuka Trust in the lord help orphans and widows Let the children come to Jesus always
  • Clowie Faith and Prayer

    And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. Hebrews 11:6

    Lord you said if we had faith like a mustard seed we would be able to move mountains. Please increase our faith in you today.

    God rewards faith. Christianity started with the faith of Abraham. Faith means that we do not see to believe. So, praying is an act of faith. When we pray, we are acknowledging that God exists and listens even though we do not see Him. God rewards our faith by answering our prayers. (PRAYER)
    Lord we place our hope and confidence in you, that you will reward us with righteousness because we put our trust in you.

    I have noticed that when I first came to Christ, He answered my prayers pretty quickly. It was as if I was in "obedience school" and He wanted to reward my good behavior of including Him. As I grew in my faith, I next noticed that God answered some prayers quickly but other prayers, He did not answer at all. He was then training me to learn how to pray and ask for certain things differently. When I studied the Word to see God's heart on the matter or asked God to clarify my motives of why I was asking, He would answer those prayers as well as what I asked.

    Now, after having walked with the Lord for many years, my prayer life has changed again. I have more of a conversational prayer life than an "ask and believe and receive" prayer life. Now, I talk with the Lord about my requests. I ask Him to reveal His heart to me about the matter and I wait to see if there is any change in my heart as I also search the Scriptures to hear His heart. The requests themselves have now become smaller in comparison to the relationship of talking and listening and learning from Him. There is no request or unanswered prayer that becomes more important than my ongoing relationship with Him. So my faith is rewarded in a completely different way than answered prayer; my faith is rewarded by enjoying His presence in the process.
    Lord as we walk and talk with you each day, may our lives be in unity with your will, grant us an obedient Spirit and cleans us from every Sin.

    God is good. Learn to seek Him in faith. It starts with prayer requests and continues until you are praying without ceasing. You will not be disappointed. How could we ever be more satisfied than with the very presence of God Himself!
    Lord we love being in your presence, teach us reverence, grant us peace and everlasting Joy as we go through this week. Let us let go and let you, knowing you wil do abundantly more than we can ask. Take control of every aspect of our life, then fulfill and accomplish the work you have started in us. We Praise you in Jesus name. Amen

    Have a blessed day & a positive week & remember with faith we can move mountains. Pray that God will strengthen your faith today. God bless
  • Jacob truly uplifting
  • Tony The Youth Will Lead the Way. They must increase and we must decrease
  • Tony AMEN...
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  • Ginette Cedeño Pleroma Ministry Please help me sharing this, for mission purposes
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