Faith is my guide
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  • perez Balijuka Trust in the lord help orphans and widows thanks lord for today
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  • perez Balijuka Trust in the lord help orphans and widows thanks the lord
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  • Jody 24 Hour Prayer Thanksgiving & Praise
    Dear Kind and Ever-loving Father. Thank you for bringing us here to be in your presence to praise and worship your Holy Name during this special Holy Convocation. Be with everyone on this Powerhouse site dedicating their time to receive from you and bask in your glory- bless us so that we too can be a blessing.

    Bless all the members of Powerhouse and End Time Rain sites dedicated to prayer and intercession- may you continue to share your heart with us and may we return these burdens to you with the confidence that they will be answered in accordance with your perfect will.

    Be in everything we seek you for: intervene in the lives of our husbands, partners, children, nuclear and extended family members, friends and church family. Draw these loved ones to you. Remove and completely destroy anything that satan has put in place to prevent them from seeing the Light of The Glory of God in The Face of Jesus Christ. Cause a revival in their minds and hearts and turn them to you.

    Make all grace abound in these relationships and fill them with your love, peace and wisdom. I ask that you purify our hearts and minds as we come before you. Humble us I pray and cleanse us from the very appearance of evil, selfishness and sin.

    Father you know our innermost needs. I ask that you supply them according to your promise from the abundance in your Heavenly storehouse. I ask Kind Lord that you send your Holy Spirit to minister unto us and give us a double portion of divine blessings throughout this time.

    Gracious Lord send the Comforter to intercede for us with groanings that cannot be uttered: If we are distressed and in mourning, please wipe our tears and comfort us with your comfort. Please heal our broken hearts and bind all our wounds and afflictions.

    Beloved Redeemer, be with us in our illnesses and discomfort- be Jehovah Rophe, The Balm in Gilead, The Great Physician send forth your word to heal and give us the ability to take up and bear the cross you have given us as we follow you. May your strength be perfect in our weakness and give us the promised rest in our souls that only you alone can give.

    Lord if our purses and wallets are empty, I am asking you to fill them with your bounty. If our cupboards are bare, I am asking you to stock them with good things. I ask that you will be our shelter when we need somewhere to lay our heads.

    Give us your peace, your joy, your strength on life’s journey. Make us your faithful lightbearers in a world of darkness and unbelief. Give us a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair so that we can be your oaks of righteousness to display your splendour to a troubled world.

    Most of all dear Father, through this time of soul-searching, self examination, and seeking your face, may we learn more about ourselves, may both our desire and ability to be obedient, holy and to please you, increase.
    May we delight to do your will in all things knowing that in you will live, breathe and have our being and that nothing is hidden from you.

    Saviour, shed your love abroad in our hearts so that we can continually praise and glorify your Holy and Precious name. Hear this prayer Oh Lord, these things I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Your son and our Saviour. Amen.
  • Jody Lord as women of faith we want to have the mind of Jesus. Some time our anxiety cause us to take our eyes of you. So tonight we give you our anxiety, cares and burdens and I pray that we will not take them back up. Amen
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