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Jesus Walks On Water (
In this video, where Jesus walks on the water, and HE invites us to do the same, we reflect on how often when we experience the storms of life - particularly if they are prolonged - when we tend to think that God has forgotten us, or that he has abandoned us or that he does not care. Well this passage tells us that we're quite wrong about that. This passage tells us that in the middle of our storms, Jesus is there. He even comes looking for us while we're out in the deep amidst the raging storms. The passage tells us that when evening came, Jesus was alone - still in prayer - while the boat was far out in the lake, and it was battling with a heavy sea for there was a head wind. There are basically three kinds of wind that can be experienced out at sea:-

1.       Headwinds blow in the opposite direction to which you are travelling
2.       Tailwinds blow in the same direction to which you are travelling
3.       Crosswinds blow across the path or direction you are travelling

Of the three, the headwinds are the most difficult to deal with because they directly oppose your travel.  The headwind can force you to change direction, to change your course if you do not have the strength to ride it out.  The tailwind will push you along your path faster and with the crosswind, you may be able to angle into it and still be able to reach your intended destination, or close to it.  However, with the headwind, because it directly opposes your path, you have no choice but to ride it out with the hope that your vessel is strong enough to withstand the battering.  If you try to navigate either to the left or the right, you stand the chance of being turned over by the force of the wind.  Remaining at a standstill is not an option as the strength of the wind will push your vessel back and may cause it to catapult backwards.  Your only real hope really is to stand your ground, hold your course, and hopefully by God's grace, your vessel will hold out.
It is no secret that the Catholic Church has been facing headwinds for quite some time now.  It is one store after another.  One scandal after another.  But with each storm, She goes through a purification and so grows stronger. and will continue to grow stronger because the Words of Jesus are Mighty and True, and He promised the Church that "the gates of hell shall never prevail against you," Matthew 16 : 18. 
What is you vessel made of?  The boat, the ship that you are going through life in, what is it made of?  Who built it for you? Was it made by Jesus of Nazareth, the carpenter?  Was it built by, on and from His Word?  If not, then you need to get a vessel!  You need to get a real vessel.  You need to get a proper vessel.  One that is built on the Word of God!  One that is built from the Word of God!  One that is built by Jesus of Nazareth - the carpenter.  For all of us who journey through this life, the 'other side' for us is eternal life.  Unfortunately many have been lost in the storms of life.  Many are heading to a place that is not Eternal Life because they have allowed the storms to change their course, because they did not stand their ground and trust ahead through the storms trusting in God's grace.

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